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Tired of Plain Water? Try Infused Water!

July 7, 2017




  Drinking water is such an important part of maintaining a healthy and happy body. Everyone, not just those who engage in frequent physical activity, should be drinking water throughout the day to hep maintain balance in bodily fluids, control caloric intake, energize the muscles, hydrate the skin and help with many other important bodily functions. 

According to, everyone should drinking about six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. If you engage in physical activity, are sick or pregnant, it is important to be drinking even more water. 

       It is hard for many people to get into the good habit of drinking the optimal amount of water because of a few reasons. The biggest reason is that plain water is just PLAIN BORING. With Monin concentrated flavors, drinking water no longer becomes a chore. All of the Monin flavors are delicious and there are so many different options to choose from. Infused water has never been so easy and efficient. One four pack of Monin Concentrated flavor will create 100 gallons of unsweetened, healthy infused water. Some of our most popular Monin concentrated flavors are watermelon, cucumber, raspberry and grapefruit and there are many more. If you have never tried infused water, it will change your life and will make drinking water fun. 



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