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July 16, 2017

If you are an office manager you know that you are an important part of your company by supporting operations and supervising staff. Without your expertise, the office would not run as smoothly. The efficiency of your employees is important because it determines how profitable your company is. Making sure your office runs efficiently and waste is eliminated when possible is very important for every company. No matter how large or small your company is, efficiency is key and can always be improved.  Because you care so deeply about your company and your employees, we have created a new product that will make your job easier.


The NEW Infused Water Tower is now available and with Monin Concentrated Flavors, infused water has never been easier. Be the first to please your employees and customers with delicious and healthy infused beverages. You might already have infused water in your office and you know the ridiculous cost and time spent maintaining the pitcher. The Infused Water Tower makes your job easier because it only takes TEN minutes to set up and is easily refillable. No longer pay for a chef to cut up all your infused water fruit. Monin Concentrated Flavors eliminate the inefficiency of cutting up real fruit and taste even better. All you have to do is pump the all-natural, zero preservatives, sugar free flavoring into the tower and VOILA, a heavenly infused beverage. To make sure your employees stay healthy, Monin Concentrated Flavors create tasty drinks with less than 30 calories.
       No matter what size company you work for, the Infused Water Tower will be a perfect addition to your break room or front office area. The Infused Water Tower has already been placed in multiple companies and the reviews have come back very positive. Management thinks the towers are extremely efficient and are interested in placing them all over the office. Employees love the infused water beverages they make and would not stop going back for more. If you want a healthy, efficient and enjoyable beverage solution for your office, purchase the Infused Water Tower NOW! 





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