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"Goodbye to Drowsiness and Acne"

August 25, 2017

Last week we received an interesting story from one of our customers talking about their infused water experience and how the healthy beverage dramatically changed their life. The customer wanted to share their infused water experience with you.


This summary is just to show you the potential effects of infused water and the effect it had on another person just like you. The customer admitted that he would "drink little water or only sugary sodas and juices everyday." He read an online article talking about the plethora of health benefits of drinking infused water and wanted to try out the healthy beverage. "[He] found some infused water recipes online and bought strawberries, cucumbers, lemons and blackberries. The infused water beverages became his favorite drinks that he would have everyday. "[He] made very large jugs of infused water that would last a fews days and once [he] found Monin Concentrated Flavors, making infused water was even easier." Whether he was at work, at the gym, with friends or just around the house, his water bottle full of infused water never left his side. Even though he tried so many different infused water recipes the customer said, "my favorite infused water recipe has to be strawberry because it is just so refreshing and easy to make." After a few weeks of replacing sugary drinks with healthy infused water, the customer seemed to notice his body going through some positive changes.


The first change the customer noticed was his mood. "I didn't feel as groggy in the mornings and I was ready to hop out of bed and seize the day." Dehydration can cause us to feel mentally depleted and even after a long night sleep, you can still feel very tired or forgetful. Infused water gets the brain hydrated and working properly. Another great change the customer notice was that, "I would wake up day after day and look in the mirror to find that my acne was slowly going away." Acne had been a long lasting irritation and everything he tried did not work. The infused water hydrated his skin and flushed out the built up waste which was causing his acne. The customer was very excited about this change because he started to feel more confident in himself. 


The customer could not believe how much infused water could make a difference in his life and would continue his new healthy routine everyday. Check out our website for healthy infused water recipes and say goodbye to drowsiness and acne." 

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