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Infused Water on the Road

September 28, 2017

Infused Water is not only for home use.  Many hotels are making Fruit Infused Water part of their brand standard.  An example is Choice Hotels and their Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites brands.  


I was recently at a Comfort Inn in Portland, Oregon.  They have Ice & Water Infused with Lemon in their lobby available throughout the day.  Management at the hotel claim that it is very popular with guests, who are looking for somthing a little more exciting than just plain water.   


Infusing lemon also has many health benefits.  For one, the citric acid found in lemons helps to maintain proper body pH.


Apparently the Lemon Infused Water is available throughout the United States at every Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites location.   I checked out the Comfort Inn website and noticed that it highlights Lemon Infused Water as part of their focus on wellness, below:




Start your stay with a glass of cool, refreshing lemon-infused ice water as soon as you walk through the door.




So, when you leave home, there is no reason to stop enjoying Infused Water!


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